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I am a photographer based in Alexandroupolis

Michalis Boliakis was born in 1956 in Alexandroupolis where he lives and works as a photographer. He has been photographing since 1975. From 1985 to 1997 he taught analog photography and darkroom technique in the departments of Popular Education of the Prefecture of Evros. In 1993 he founded "FOTOGRAMMA" a specialized shop for photographic items and a photo studio.

He has held fourteen solo exhibitions in Alexandroupolis, Athens, Chicago, Mytilene, Komotini, and Thessaloniki, while he has participated in many group exhibitions. Also, his photos have been published frequently in Greek industry magazines, while for several years he has collaborated with various newspapers.

He has created five photo books "TIS ALEXANDROUPOLEOS" 1997 Kastaniotis publications, "CUBA" 2001 Kastaniotis publications, "COLORE CUBANO" 2010 Center for Creative Photography of Thrace publications, "STIN POLI" 2014 Center for Creative Photography of Thrace, and "PERU" 2018 "Topos" publications.

He is a founding member and member of the Board of the Center for Creative Photography of Thrace since its foundation until today.

Solo Exhibitions

  • Athens
    2015 - 2017
  • Chicago, United States of America
    2005 - 2015
  • Berlin, Germany
    2002 - 2005

Photo Books

  • "Tis Alexandroupoleos"

    Kastaniotis Publications

  • Cuba

    Kastaniotis Publications

  • Colore Cubano

    Center for Creative Photography of Thrace Publications

  • "Stin Poli"

    Center for Creative Photography of Thrace Publications

  • Peru

    Topos Publications

  • Children in the neighborhoods of the world

    Topos Publications